What is it?

Czechianball is an instagram account that posts various comics, videos and stories also posting historical quizzes and selling merch.

Account history

How it all started.

Czechianball started out as an account to post my own art, this then got overtaken by posting comics from the internet as the amount of art to do daily would be too much to keep up with, my own work can now be seen in my videos or my new czechianball account.

21. September 2018 Account creation

On this day, the account was created and started a journey that is going strongly to this day


23. December 2018 1K followers

On this date. The account has reached 1 000 followers! (93 days since creation). I was counting every single one of you!


9. January 2019 2K followers

Then, just after 17 days, I have reached 2 000 followers! Which truly was crazy, this huge growth continued as I got to 3k in the next 25 days after that.


18. July 2019First IGTV video

On this day, the first video about Polandball was published on my account, since then I have made 2 more covering Poland, Germany and Russia.


21. July 2020YouTube channel

On this day I have uploaded my first video on my new Czechianball YoutubeChannel


14. August 2020First polandball quiz

On this day I have published my first polandball quiz with to which more ones soon followed. You can view these quizzes in my saved stories on my Instagram profile


things started on this account

things started on this account

Since it's creation Czechianball has had a lot of projects and original content made for it. While the comics I post aren't mine the videos and art that can be sometimes seen on my profile are all mine.

Czechianball offers: